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I'm not sure what kind of boot I should order.  Can you help?

Absolutely! We'd love to help you find the perfect boot. The easiest way is to reach us by email or by phone (1-888-572-4873) between the hours of 9 a.m.-5 p.m. EST, Monday through Friday. Let us know what you like, what you need from a boot (water resistance, what temperatures you will be in, how long you will be outside, what sort of activities you will be doing, level of warmth, comfort, etc.) and we can make suggestions for you.


What is the difference between waterproof and water resistant?

Confused about waterproof vs. water resistant? What's the deal with seam-sealed leather? You are not alone! Believe it or not, it's actually a pretty complicated subject. Luckily, we've broken it down for you on our blog

Why does the product listing tell me to size up?

Every brand's products have a different fit. To prevent people from ordering the wrong size, we try to note which models we know definitely either run small or large.  We try to fit test as many boots as possible, but when we can't, we rely on customer feedback! It still doesn't guarantee a perfect fit, but we try to make it as easy as possible for you.

Can I order replacement liners for my Baffin boots?

Absolutely! As long as Baffin has them in stock, we can arrange to have new liners shipped to you. All liners are specially ordered by Baffin and cannot be returned or exchanged. Please be sure you are ordering the correct size and model for your boots.  If you're not sure, just ask us! Liners for current models typically do not fit older, discontinued models, but we are always happy to look into that for you.

Why are some colors of a boot less expensive than others?

Some companies discontinue certain colors, so we can offer those at a lower price.  Sometimes, it is simply that a certain color is more expensive than the others.

I can't find my size on the drop-down menu. What should I do?

If your size is not available, it means we do not currently have it in stock.  Please feel free to send us an email inquiring as to whether or not we will be receiving more, and when to expect them in stock and online.

I think something is defective with my purchase. What is my next step?

If something about your purchase seems defective (broken or missing buckles, zippers, construction problems, etc.), please email us immediately.  We will need you to email us images of the defect so that we can contact the manufacturer for you.  Every manufacturer has a different warranty process and time frame. Though we always want our customers to be happy with their purchase, it is ultimately the manufacturer's decision whether to warranty a product or not.

My Baffin boots feel tight width-wise. Will they loosen up?

If you have any questions about sizing, please consult our Fit and Sizing Recommendation guide! 

Do you carry boots made in the US or Canada?

We do currently carry a few models by Baffin that are made in the US.  If a product is made in the US, Canada, or Europe, it is noted as such on the product page. We also have a blog article dedicated to the topic! We do fully stand behind the quality of the boots that we carry, regardless of where they are made.

Are your boots listed in US or UK sizes? What if I only know my Euro size?

All of our boots, unless specifically noted otherwise, are listed in US sizes. Some brands are also listed in EU or UK sizes, and we always list the US size next to that, or provide a chart. We also have an International Size Conversion Chart available for reference.



Is your website secure? is a completely secure website.  The safest and most secure way to place an order is through our website.  All of the information is encrypted through Secure Sockets Layer technology, which scrambles sensitive information during your online transaction.  You can always call us to place an order as well, but you should never send us a credit card number via email, as it is not encrypted.

I received an email about a small charge on my card. What does that mean and why does it happen?

Unfortunately, we live in an age of rampant credit card fraud, and sometimes we have to take added measures to protect our customers and our company. International orders and those with different billing and shipping addresses may require us to validate the identity of the cardholder. We will bill a small portion of your order's total (a random amount under $5.00 USD) to your card. We then ask that you contact your bank or check your online statement and report the exact amount that was billed back to us. Only the cardholder would have access to this information. We hate to be a nuisance to our customers in any way, but we also cannot risk any fraudulent charges being made. You may be billed a small charge for a few reasons:

    • Your order has an international billing address
    • Your order is being shipped to an address other than the billing address
    • Your order's total is over $400.00

The small charge is NOT an additional fee.  It is just the easiest way for us to verify that the person who has placed the order not only has the credit card in their hands, but is also authorized to use it and access pertinent account information.

I received an email about a small charge to my card. Can you just ship to the billing address so it matches?

Unfortunately, once we bill a small charge, we cannot alter the order in any way until the charge has been confirmed. This protects both the company and customers from fraud.

Do you accept backorders?

We do accept backorders on some items.  This will be noted on the product listing.

When I go to checkout, it asks for a coupon code. Where can I find one?

From time to time, we offer coupon codes. If we are running a storewide promotion, the coupon code will either be automatically applied to your order at checkout, or you may need to enter the code yourself. Automatic coupon codes may apply to certain brands (i.e. Baffin) or certain types of boots (i.e. Snowmobile boots).  Some brands do not allow us to discount their products. Coupon codes which are promoted on sites other than are not always current and will not necessarily be honored. Please send us an email if you would like to know if there are any current coupons.

Where can I enter a coupon code?

        The coupon code can be entered right before checkout, while you are accessing your shopping cart. Click on "Add a Coupon" underneath the subtotal.

I put in a coupon code but nothing happened! What gives?

Coupon codes do not always apply to all products. If you use a code and no discount is taken, it means the item(s) being ordered are not subject to that discount. Sometimes, other sites post coupon codes, but they are not always current.

Why didn't I receive an order confirmation?

Order confirmations are emailed to customers automatically once an order is submitted. If you did not receive a confirmation email, there could be one of three reasons:

    • Customer did not hit final "submit" button  
    • Email address was entered incorrectly. Typos happen! 
    • Confirmation went to spam folder

If you do not receive a confirmation shortly after submitting an order, check your spam folder first. If it is not there, send us an email or give us a call and we can look into it for you!

Why was I notified that my order was out of stock?

99% of the orders we receive are filled and shipped the same day that we receive them.  However, there are circumstances in which an order was placed before we were able to take an item off the site, or the availability was listed incorrectly.  If this happens, we will notify you immediately, and let you know whether it is an item we can special order, or if there is something similar in stock that you may want to substitute.

Can I cancel or make changes to my order?

If you decide after ordering that you no longer want what you ordered, or need to change something, please let us know as soon as possible.  Our warehouse and office strive to process orders as quickly as possible, but we do try to make changes or cancellations when we can.  We will let you know if we can cancel or make changes prior to shipping as soon as we assess the situation.  Once something has shipped, no changes can be made, and it cannot be cancelled. Changes in shipping addresses that must be made after shipping do incur additional fees.


Do you offer free shipping?

        We offer free shipping on orders over $49.  If your original order is over $49 but a return brings the value under $49, we will deduct the original shipping cost from the refund.

What shipping methods do you offer?

We offer UPS and USPS shipping, where available. Orders over $49 within the US48 qualify for free shipping.  At checkout, all available shipping options and prices will be displayed for you to choose from once you enter your shipping address.

Where will my order ship from?

Our warehouse is in Vermont. Other items ship from the manufacturer's warehouse or factory, which is indicated on the product listing. If you are shipping to a PO box, you must choose a USPS delivery method.

How long will it take for my order to arrive?

Please check our shipping page for all shipping related information! 

Will my package be delivered on a Saturday?

Packages will not be shipped or delivered over the weekend or on holidays.  Weekends and holidays are non-transit days.

I placed an order over the weekend. It is Monday and my order hasn't shipped.  What's going on?

Orders placed after noon EST on Fridays ship the next business day.  Our office and warehouse are closed on weekends.  Orders placed after noon EST on Fridays might ship that day, but it is unlikely during the busy season.

Do you ship internationally?

We ship just about everywhere for qualifying brands! From Brazil to Canada, the UK to Japan, Siberia to Australia, we've got you covered! Please see our international shipping page for more information.

Do you ship to APO or military addresses?

Absolutely! Each APO or military address is different. Some can be processed via USPS's online shipping portal (Click 'n Ship), though some must be presented directly at the post office.  Military mail can take longer than standard mail, and cannot be tracked due to security reasons.

When I track my order, it says it was delivered, but I don't have it! What should I do?

Before you panic, make sure to check all the places a package could have possibly been left.  Even if you get frequent deliveries, a new or different driver might have a new or different idea as to where to leave your package! Also, be sure to check with neighbors and all other members of the household. Customers have found packages in seemingly random places - and also tucked away in the closet, where a well-meaning family member put it! If the package is nowhere to be found, we will contact UPS or USPS on your behalf.  If a package is not located at the end of an investigation, we will either replace the item or issue a credit.

My package has shipped but I need it sent to another address.  Can you change that?

For orders that have shipped via UPS to destinations in the US48, we can change the shipping destination for a fee.  This is usually between $12-$18.  This will delay delivery times because the package will have to be rerouted. Please be sure to review your order confirmation and shipping time frames before ordering to avoid extra fees.

My package has shipped, but now I need it sooner! Can you make that happen?

Unfortunately, once an order has shipped, we cannot upgrade the shipping method. Please be sure to check our shipping page if you need your order by a certain date.

Can you mark my international order as a "gift" so I don't have to pay customs?

Unfortunately, though we'd love to save you money, we have to mark all orders as merchandise and report their value honestly on all customs forms. Even if the order is really a gift, as a company, we must still mark everything honestly. All international orders will be subject to customs fees, taxes, and duties, which are billed upon delivery (not by

My international order has tracking information, but the package doesn't seem to be moving. What should I do?

If your international order seems to be stuck in customs, or is in perpetual transit, please let us know so that we can follow up with USPS/UPS/FedEx.  As the shipper of the package, we must initiate the inquiry or investigation into the package's whereabouts.  We are more than happy to file the claim 7 business days after the package was shipped.  Depending on the country, it can take between 2-25 business days (if not longer) to resolve a claim. Often, the package has been misplaced or neglected, and the claim helps to get it moving along again. In the instance a package is declared lost, we will refund the cost of your order. Though we understand how frustrating delays can be, we do not guarantee delivery for international orders, and do not issue refunds due to extended delivery times. Additionally, we cannot ship a replacement or refund money until the investigation is resolved.

Can I use a third party forwarding agent for my order?

Yes! You may absolutely use a forwarding agent for your order. Please note, however, that any order with a different billing and shipping address may be subject to further cardholder verification.


 How do I request a return or an exchange?

Requesting a return or exchange is easy with! If you are in the US48, you will need to fill out a Return and Exchanges form.  Unfortunately, we are unable to provide return labels for international orders or orders to Hawaii or Alaska at this time.  If you need to make a return from Hawaii, Alaska, or an international location, please be sure that you have the correct return address and use a trackable, insured method of shipping.  Return labels come via email.

When do I need to request a return?

As a small, seasonal company, we have a smaller return window than other larger companies. We ask that you request a return as soon as possible, and that the merchandise is returned to our warehouse within 30 days of delivery.  

I don't have a printer. How can I access my UPS return label?

If you need to return an item, but do not have access to a printer, we can send you one in the mail.  Just fill out the return form and be sure to note that you need a label sent in the mail, and be sure to indicate if the mailing address is different than where you received your order. Most UPS stores also have printers for customers, so you could check with your local store and simply access your email there, print the label, and send the package on its way.

My return label won't print! Now what?

If you need us to send you another label, just email us and let us know!

How do I know if my order is subject to free returns?

When you purchase an item, the product listing will indicate whether or not the item is subject to free returns or exchanges.  Any item under $49 does not qualify for free returns or exchanges. You may also access our full return policy for additional information.

Can I return boots on my own to avoid the $7.50 return label fee?

If you would like to return a pair of boots on your own, you absolutely can! You don't have to use our return labels. If you prefer to return a package on your own, please just let us know and make sure you have the correct return address for shipping the package.  We recommend using a service that allows you to track the package.  Our shipping fee of $7.50 is almost always cheaper than the actual shipping costs, but feel free to shop around for a better option!

I'm outside the return window, but I don't want to keep the boots. Can I still return them?

Because we are a seasonal company, we do have a smaller window for returns than other larger companies. If you are outside the return window and wish to return your purchase, please send us an email. If the boots have not been worn, are still in brand new condition, and are a model that we are still carrying, we can sometimes accept late returns for store credit.

I don't have the brand box my boots came in. Can I still return them?

Boots must be returned to us in their brand box to receive a refund.  Sometimes, if you contact us, we can locate or purchase a replacement box for a fee. Usually, we cannot accept returns without the brand box.

When can I expect a refund for my returned product?

Returns are typically received and inspected at our warehouse within three business days of delivery.  A credit is then issued to the original form of payment within 7 business days.  You will receive an email when a credit has been issued.  It is up to your bank as to when the actual funds are posted to your account.

Can I return boots that have been worn outside?

We understand how hard it is to judge the warmth of a boot without actually being out in the elements, and encourage you to ask us if the boot you selected is appropriate for your specific activity, so as to lower the chances that your boots aren't warm enough (or too warm). However, we cannot guarantee that your boots will be a perfect match for you, no matter how much we would like to be able to do so.  Everyone has a different tolerance for cold, and temperature ratings are guidelines, not guarantees. Wear your boots around the house as much as possible to make sure they fit before you take them outside! We cannot accept any returns on anything that has been worn outside. We have to be able to sell every product in our warehouse, and we cannot ship dirty and used boots to customers. 

We also cannot accept returns on boots that are covered in pet hair or smell of cigarette smoke. Though our warehouse does make an effort to clean up boots that are returned to make sure they look brand new, they cannot fix everything, and we cannot have them spending time trying to pick pet hair out of boots, air out the ones that smell of smoke, or wash the soles of dirty boots. In the event that a customer returns boots that cannot be resold due to poor condition, we will be unable to offer a refund.  Dirty boots will be returned to the customer for a fee. Please be sure not to expose your boots to cigarette smoke, excessive pet hair, or wear them outside until you are 100% sure that you will be keeping them.


What does it mean when a boot is marked "Final Sale?"

Items marked Final Sale are high quality, brand new boots that we have marked down to exceptionally low prices!  These items cannot be returned or exchanged.  Final Sale boots aren't factory seconds or used boots: usually, they are discontinued models or colors, models we have very few sizes left in, or brands we no longer carry.  Since Final Sale items cannot be returned or exchanged, we try to give the best sizing recommendations we can - and keep the prices as low as they can go! We always recommend - as with any product - checking other sites that have more extensive product reviews to help you make your decision, especially for sizing.   Please understand that we cannot accept exchanges on final sale products.  We have already absorbed the cost of shipping the product to you as well as the warehouse fee - we have to stand by this rule to be fair to all customers.

Do you match prices?

We always try to keep our prices as competitive as possible! We are happy to consider matching a price for you as long as the same size and color of the model you would like to order are in stock on the other site.  We do not match prices on in-store items, only for items also sold online. Make sure to include whether or not shipping and returns would be free on the other sites - after all, if it is over $49, ground shipping to the US48 is free!

If you have found an item at a lower price on another site, please send us an email that includes links to the website and product listing so we can verify it with you.  Certain items and brands are exempt from price matching, but we would be happy to take a look! Ultimately, it is the decision of as to whether or not we will match a price.

If the item you ordered from is discounted within ten days of purchase, please contact us at any time within that window and we will issue a refund.  We must currently stock the same color and size of the model you ordered to issue a refund in this case. This price adjustment does not include promotional pricing, items shipped outside the US48, and items that have been marked as Final Sale. 

Why do you ask for my email address?

We ask for your email address for a few reasons. Firstly, you will receive automatic confirmation of your order once it has been submitted, so you can review the order and make sure everything is correct. We also send you your shipping and tracking information via email.  Secondly, if there is ever a problem with your order, we will contact you via email. While we do try to call everyone when there is an issue, we like to be able to email you all of the details as well.  Lastly, if you'd like, we can also add you to our mailing list so that you know when we have special offers! We never, under any circumstances, sell or share your information - we don't like spam either! To make a short story long, please see our Privacy Policy

Is sales tax added to my order?

Sales tax will be automatically calculated at checkout for items that qualify.  

Do you have a catalog?

We do not have a print catalog. Our inventory is constantly changing, and we would waste a lot of paper trying to keep a catalog current.  Everything we have can be found on!

Can I come in and try on a boot?

Unfortunately, all of our business is online, and there is no way for customers to come in and try boots on prior to purchase.  However, that is why we make returns and exchanges so simple! Also, we make a point to try on as much of what we sell as possible, so if you have fit questions, you can send us an email or give us a call!

Don't see your question listed? Feel free to give us a call or send us an email. We're here to help!


We take pride in providing you the best online winter boots shopping experience. If you have any questions or comments please dont hesitate to contact us.


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