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Fraud Prevention

Unfortunately, we live in an age of internet fraud, and have to take added measures to protect our customers and ourselves. International orders and those with different billing and shipping addresses may require us to validate the identification of the cardholder.

We will bill a small charge (under $5.00) to your card. We then ask that you check your account or statement and report the EXACT amount we charged. Only the cardholder would be able to check their account in this manner. We hate to have to inconvenience our customers in any way, but we also cannot risk any fraudulent charges being made. You may be billed a small charge for a few reasons:

  • International orders
  • Orders with different shipping and billing addresses
  • Orders with international billing and domestic shipping addresses
  • Orders with domestic billing and international shipping addresses

Once you have emailed us to verify the small charge, this amount will be refunded to your credit card.  Any future orders with the same card will not require further verification.



We take pride in providing you the best online winter boots shopping experience. If you have any questions or comments please dont hesitate to contact us.


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