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Composite Toe Boots vs Steel Toe Boots

For years, workers have relied upon steel toe boots to protect themselves while on the job. Recently, manufacturers have developed a new material, generally referred to as “composite” or “non-metallic” toe to use in safety toe work boots.  The classic steel toe boot is tried and true, but many people think that composite toe boots are the way of the future.  What are the differences between the two, and which will suit you best?

Steel Toe Boots




  • Traditional material used in work boots
  • More resistant to things like chainsaws
  • Less expensive than composite toe boots
  • Heavier than composite toe boots
  • May retain heat and cold
  • Steel will set off metal detectors
  • Steel will conduct electricity

Steel toed boots have been the tried-and-true choice for workers for years! Their durability and reliablity has been valued by workers for decades. All Baffin steel toe boots meet ASTM (formerly ANSI) safety requirements.

Our most popular steel toe work boots include the Baffin Driller, the Baffin Barrow, the Baffin Titan, and the Baffin Hunter.  We also have many more steel toe Baffin work boots in a variety of temperature ratings and styles available!

Composite Toe Boots

Composite toe boots are relatively new development in the world of work and safety footwear, but all Baffin composite toe boots meet the same ASTM (formerly ANSI) requirements as traditional steel-toe boots.




  • Lighter than steel toe boots
  • Non-metallic toe does not retain heat or cold
  • Non-metallic toe does not conduct electricity
  • Non-metallic toe does not set of metal dectectors
  • More expensive than steel toe boots
  • Less resistant to things like chainsaws
  • Some companies do not allow or reimburse for composite toe boots
Our most popular steel toe work boots include the Baffin Derrick, the Baffin Ice Bear, the Baffin Constructor, the Baffin Granite, and the Baffin Workhorse.  We also have many more composite toe Baffin work boots in a variety of temperature ratings and styles available!

If you have ever wondered how Baffin tests its footwear to ensure that it meets (and in this case, exceeds) CSA safety standards, you're in luck!  Baffin has shared this video with us that gives you insight into just how it performs impact tests, and how its industrial footwear performs!


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