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Snow Boot Fit and Sizing

It's essential that snow boots fit well in order to keep the warmth in and the winter chill out. The technical insulating features of any cold weather footwear perform best when the boots have a comfortable, not too tight or too loose fit. That said, the traditional snow boot fit is naturally looser than that of a hiking or work boot.

How Do Socks Affect Sizing?

The most common misconception from consumers is that winter boots should be purchased in a larger size to accommodate for thick socks. Thick socks are a matter of personal preference; thin and thick socks alike can provide excellent warmth and moisture-repelling properties depending on their material makeup.

Our Darn Tough Merino Wool Socks are thicker in profile for cushioning and warmth, but are not so thick that you'd need to change the size of your boot to wear it comfortably. Begin with your regular shoe size and size up or down, if needed, based on the fit tips listed in every one of our category descriptions.

Winter Boots Need A Break-In Period

The Baffin multi component foam inner boot liner has the ability to form fit different foot shapes and sizes, widths and volumes, because the open cell foam layer will compress and conform where pressure points occur creating relief in those areas. Non-technically speaking, the liner will give in to a wider foot and remain as is for a narrower foot.

It's common that your winter boots may feel tight when they first arrive at your home. A snow boot that has been in transit for a day or more will have a stiffer liner than you'll experience after it has moderated to the temperature of your home. We receive many, many calls from consumers who are certain their boots are too small only to be thrilled with the fit an hour or two later.

In fact, we always recommend that our customers wear their snow boots around the house for an hour or two before making a decision on fit. Let the boots have a little time. More often than not, your winter boots will match the sizing suggestions we've outlined for that particular model.

Another good tool for sizing winter boots is to remove the liner or footbed from the boot itself. If the liner or footbed is too short for your foot, you may indeed need to size up.

Fitting Wide and Narrow Feet

Finding snow boots to fit narrow and wide feet is another common concern. Customers searching for snow boots for narrow feet may have better luck with lacing models which allow you to tighten the area above the instep. Another trick is to use a high quality footbed to reduce the overall space inside the boots.

Though most of the snow boots we carry are built for a medium width, we've found that customers who are looking for winter boots in a wide width are able to wear many of them if they move up one size. Though our selection isn't large, we do carry a few men's wide width snow boot models and some wide winter boots for women too.  Selection is always best in the fall, so do check back if you don't see a wide model for you!

Always remember, if you have any questions, let us know! We're easy to talk to.

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