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Baffin's Warmest Boots - Staying Warm in the Extreme Cold

Paul Hubner, Baffin's president and resident Arctic adventurer, walks the talk when it comes to testing his boots in the most unforgiving weather on the planet. Rest assured, if his Baffin -148°F/-100°C boots earned their keep at the North Pole, that's good news for hunters, ice fisherman and snowmobilers looking for the warmest boots they can buy.

Who needs the Baffin Polar level boots? Snowmobilers who want full day excursions in the Northern woods, ski lift attendants whose work means exposure to cold all day long. Even a volunteer manning the booth at a winter carnival. Anyone who experiences prolonged exposure to sub-zero temperatures will stay warmer, longer with the real winter armor.

it's also important to note, who DOESN"T need Baffin's extreme cold weather boots? Anyone who will be doing a lot of walking, or who isn't in sub-zero weather probably can make a better winter boot selection.  The Baffin -148°s are a burly, bulky boot so be sure you need the extra girth that comes with the extra warmth!

In the photo below, you can see the sizable difference between the -40° F rated Baffin Snogoose and the -148°rated Baffin Resolute.  For all its upside you don't want to be grocery shopping in this extremely warm snow boot.

Baffin Technology has two components that separate it from other boot manufacturers. First, the Baffin inner liner, and second, the Baffin base, which is comprised of compounds designed specifically for cold weather performance.

Baffin's extreme cold snow boots boast the eight layer inner liner, a technical research driven product that wicks away moisture, redirects cold and stores heat exactly where your foot needs it. As you move in the cold, any perspiration is channeled away, much as a baby's diaper does, keeping the foam dry and providing an exit for any water vapor. Its vaporized aluminum membrane reflects energy toward the boot, giving your foot extra warmth and drive to go the distance.

It's easier to see visually how the Baffin base makes boots like the Baffin Apex and Baffin Impact a brick wall that cold can't penetrate.  You can visually compare the size of the rubber base to a lower temperature rated boot, say the -94° F Baffin Control Max, and see that its extra girth keeps the cold at bay that much longer.  Yes, the Baffin extreme cold boots are thick, but you need that thickness to lock out the frigid temperatures.  

Baffin's warmest boots employ the Arctic™ Rubber, a TPR synthetic blend that pushes the edge of cold resistance, flexibility and light weight for optimum cold weather performance.  

One question we hear often, "Can you drive in the Baffin Impact (or any of their -148° boots)?"  The answer is yes for some of you and no for others.  While many find the boot is too cumbersome to drive comfortably, we've seen it happen in Vermont.  Personal preference.

You don't have to be traveling to the polar regions to need the ultimate in cold weather protection. Harsh conditions exist in our very own backyards - thanks to Baffin Technology, it's that much easier to push your winter limits!

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Thanks for your great service! I got these boots that one of your reps recommended and they are perfect!
-Tom - Illinois

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