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Baffin Polar Series - Extreme Cold Weather Boots for Men

Nobody makes extreme cold weather boots like Baffin.  We're talking double-digit-below-zero-frostbite-bearing-toe-numbing-colder-than-ice kind of extreme.  The kind you meet up with if fishing on a frozen lake at dawn or snowmobiling when your car barely starts is what you live for.  It's not for everyone, but if you're that out of bounds kind of guy, Baffin Polar Series boots are for you.

Baffin's Polar Series, distinguished by its -148°F/-100°C temperature rating, has long led the way in research-based design.  Paul Hubner, Baffin's president tests his snow boots where it counts, the North and South Poles.  Alongside howling winds and solid ice, Hubner has developed the warmest snow boot base in the world using Baffin Boots Polar® rubber outsole, a TPR synthetic blend that achieves warmth, grip, and flexibility.   This technology combined with the moisture management and heat return from Baffin's inner boot liners makes them the warmest men's boots for snowmobiling, hunting or ice fishing.   When you don't have the luxury of generating body heat with activity, Baffin picks up the slack and gives you an extended stay on those brutal winter days.

Each model in the men's series has three identical components: the same base, the same removable inner liner, and the same temperature rating.  All the boots provide equal protection against the coldest weather.  The difference lies in the upper material, closure system, height, snow collar and unique winter features.   There is not one single best boot in the line-up - just the best boot for YOU.

Baffin uses two different materials in the Polar series' construction, leather and Diamond-Lite insulated nylon.  The Baffin Apex, our best-selling extreme cold boot, is made of leather which many hunters tout because it is both waterproof and extremely durable.  Baffin's snakeskin-like nylon is a marvel of innovation.  It's not the playground nylon you might remember from early snow boot days but rather a high-tech material that is both breathable and bullet-proof.  It can tackle a morning of bushwhacking and come out unscathed.

The next fluctuating feature in the Baffin Polar series is the closure system which ranges from buckles to places to velcro.    The buckle or velcro models can be adjusted at each wear though many outdoorsmen "set and forget" to make them an efficient pull-on design.  The lace-up Apex model is the only one without a locking snow collar. 

The snow collar feature is either boot-height as in the iconic Baffin Impact or is extendable as in the Endurance or Eiger for fuller protection from snow drifts.

Most models in the Baffin -148° F series are 15 inches tall though the Baffin Eiger measures in at 13 inches for men who prefer a shorter height.

If you are a bells and whistles consumer, the Baffin Endurance might be your winter boot of choice.  Its 360° wrap-around velcro closure offer high stability support for those weekend warriors who might need more ankle stability.  In addition, the upper shaft has a side pocket and carabiner for storing gadgets and tools.

Given that each model offers the same level of protection, how do you make that final decision?  Unless you have a specific feature factor, that is, you're 5'6" and the Eiger's height is your best match, or you're photographing wildlife and need the extended snow collar for blowing drifts, then any of Baffin's choices will make you a satisfied customer.  For many, it's a simple matter of eye appeal.  Which boot looks the best to you?  There's no denying that the Baffin Apex's Marlboro man leather mystique sells a lot of boots.

So, what's not to like about the Baffin Polar series?  All that warmth comes with a heavier weight than other snow boots designed for milder temperatures.  Though the boots are almost a pound lighter a piece than they were when Baffin introduced them over 20 years ago, they are still bulkier than your average cold weather boot.  If you don't NEED this warm a boot, don't buy it!  Baffin extreme cold weather boots are too much boot for a snowshoe on the golf course and most men find them too bulky for driving.  

The most common mistake when buying snow boots is to buy the warmest boot you can find without taking into account whether an Arctic-ready model is a necessity for your lifestyle.  There are many winter boots that will keep your feet warm and dry without overloading your foot with more insulation than necessary.  

The Baffin Polar series targets outdoor enthusiasts who want to be on snow all day in all kinds of crazy weather.  Typically, this customer has had to cut short his adventures because of cold feet and is looking for the holy grail of winter boot protection.  We all have a breaking point when the temperatures are too much for our feet to stay warm, but Baffin will extend that breaking point to keep you outdoors longer than any other extreme cold boot on the market.




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