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Insulated Rubber Boots for Winter |

A good old fashioned pair of classic rubber boots is an essential piece of your cold weather footwear. While waterproof membranes are effective, they’re often used with leather uppers that aren’t the best choice for sloppy weather conditions.  If you live where the seasons change, there will always be times when you can’t escape the mud-soaked ground.  Better to leave the gore-tex at home and suit up with a boot that you can spray down with the hose when you’re tracking the muck.  Wellies are a classic rain boot, but northern dwellers really need something warmer.  Insulated rubber boots aren’t the most exciting purchase you’ll make but they will give you 100% waterproof protection every time, and they’ll extend the life of other boots that just aren’t meant to be worn in mucky weather. 



Waterproof winter boots can be used for a range of activities: gardening, hunting, fishing, ice fishing.  Die-hard sports parents know that insulated rain boots are a must-have during spring and fall seasons, squishy sidelines being a standard rite of high school spectating passage.

 A solid pair of waterproof rubber boots isn't necessarily flashy but they do provide the most reliable protection from the misery of wet feet.  The cusp of March into April is prime Mud Season.  The melting snow and frequent rain leave the ground a mushy mess that wreaks havoc on your footwear. When the temperatures are hovering in the 40° F, range,  you’ll want an insulated boot with a sturdy tread that elevates your foot from the ground and gives you stable footing.

You can buy rubber boots in every price range and every temperature category.  While that makes for a lot of choices, it also means you have to pay attention to the little details when making your purchase.  In general, because rubber is a less expensive material than leather and because there is less velcro, lacing and buckles, rubber boots provide a lot of quality for a lower price.Let’s look at each brand and find their top insulated rubber boots!

The Baffin Huntsman series runs the gamut of temperature ranges, from extreme cold to mild, all at affordable prices.  Starting with the Baffin Hunter a  -40° F hunting boot and topping off with the Baffin Titan, a -148°F fully waterproof ice fishing boot, there’s a model made just for you. If you need a boot that straddles the line between fall and winter,  Baffin Trapper (-60° F) has a thicker base for a greater barrier from the ground but doesn’t have the extreme bulky warmth of the Baffin Titan.  Both the Titan and the Hunter come in steel toed rubber models for safety if your job requires.  Baffin boots are the most affordable rubber boot for the winter months, but they still offer a fantastic value because they’re durable and they keep your feet warm and dry.  For an all-purpose green boot without bells and whistles, the Baffin rubber boot delivers exactly what it promises at a great price.

 Muck boots come with a higher price tag but provide a more contoured footbed and a stretch-fit upper which hugs your leg.  While Muck and Baffin are equally warm and waterproof, Muck’s construction is designed to be more flexible and comfortable, an important consideration if you are logging more miles in your boots.  The Muck Arctic Sport works well for a serious mountain town boot.  The Muck Hoser and Muck Chore models are better suited for a milder horse barn day or a fall garden clean up.

Hunters probably need a reliable waterproof rubber boot more than any other segment of outdoor enthusiasts.  Unpredictable weather and water hazards are standard operating procedure.  Two good reasons for watertight boots.

Lacrosse Footwear is synonymous with cold weather hunting.  They utilize a premium rubber over a neoprene layer for a lighter, more flexible fit specifically designed to be equally comfortable on foot or when sedentary.  For the super cold days, the Lacrosse Alpha Burly Pro 18” has 1600 grams of fully waterproof protection which makes it ideal for a long day that combines slogging the woods and sitting in a tree stand.  Lacrosse also has top of the line rubber waterproof hunting boots for women!

Irish Setter‘s Rutmaster series offers a range of protection in cold weather rubber hunting boots.    Irish Setter Rutmaster 4884 is our top selling waterproof hunting boot with a whopping 1200 grams of insulation for maximum warmth. Its Mud Claw RPM II Sole has a beefy deep treaded design that keeps you stable in slippery conditions and facilitates the release of mud and debris at the end of your day.

You can find a classic cold weather rubber boot in styles that range from simple to high-tech.  Look for a reputable brand to make sure that the rubber is durable and the tread is mud-worthy.   Rain soaked, mucky, not quite frozen ground is an inevitable part of the outdoor life in snow country.  You’ll be surprised how much you’ll grow to love that good old pair of rubber boots!


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