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Baffin Arctic Series - Extreme Cold Weather Boots for Women

Women snowmobilers may be less in numbers than their male counterparts, but they are no less passionate about their sport and no less demanding when it comes to finding the warmest snowmobile boots.  It's hard to believe that it wasn't that long ago that women had to rely on smaller sized men's models if they wanted true sled ready performance footwear.  Today's shoe shelves are stocked with snowmobile boots for women, specifically tailored to their exacting demands.   

Baffin is home to many a skilled woman rider ~ they are based in Canada, after all, ~ and they know firsthand that women have the exact same need for a snowmobile boot with huge warmth, flexible traction and good looks.  Baffin also knows that a women's foot doesn't mirror a man's.  Their designs are built on a women's last to provide a custom fit for cold weather adventures.

Baffin's signature removable liner is the heart of each women's design.  A full-fledged -148° F/ -100° C temperature rating, fully equal to the men's models, guarantees the maximum amount of cold weather protection for the big, long day.  The beauty of Baffin's liner is its multi-tasking properties that pull moisture away from your foot, draw it away from the boot and at the same time recycle warmth to the inner section of the boot, closest to your foot.  To get the maximum performance out of your Baffin liner, remove them each night for full drying capacity and pair them with Darn Tough performance socks.   Made-in-Vermont Darn Tough socks have a lifetime warranty proving that they are indeed Darn Tough!  Beneath the Baffin liner, women will love the extra heating effects of the waffle footbed and double aluminum insole, both geared to provide further armor to protect you from the cold ground underfoot.

Baffin's boot base is a high-tech concoction that meets the stringent requirements of women snowmobilers who want guaranteed warmth.   The boot's shell is made of Arctic™ rubber which is long lasting, flexible and cold-resistant.  Its midsole boasts a lightweight EVA cushioning compound while its outsole is made of a cold weather specific Polar® rubber that remains flexible even in sub-zero temperatures.

Baffin's three models in the Arctic series are all equally warm and equally grippy.  You'll make your choice depending if you'd like the Baffin Women's Impact's double-buckle closure, a hands-free favorite, the Baffin Icefield's toggle closure, eye-catching in white or the Baffin Suka's classic lace tie.  Each one will keep you on the go as long as you want to be!  While there is no boot that guarantees how long you can stay outside, we can assure you that this snowmobile will give you the longest duration before a chill sets in.

Bear in mind, Baffin's snowmobile boots for women mean business.  Keeping you warm means they have to be bulkier than your every snow boots.  Don't shop the Arctic series if you are doing anything less than a full day in serious winter conditions.  This is not a boot you'll want to test out in the produce aisle or use for the soccer carpool!


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I just want to thank you for all your help!! I got the shoes yesterday, and i’m so happy :) I can really recommend you…
- Mia - Sweden

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