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Baffin 3PIN Guide Pro Boots - Extreme Trekking

The Baffin 3PIN Guide Pro Boots are one of the brand's most specialized models, geared to Arctic trekkers using cross-country skis to explore the most rugged parts of the world.  Paul Hubner, Baffin's hands-on owner, used the 3PIN in his 2012 expedition to Baffin Island which lies just north of Arctic Circle.   The winds were so severe on this trek that all of the snow was blown away, leaving just a sheer path of ice.  Luckily, the 3PIN can do double duty in a pinch and the team walked until conditions improved.  

While cross-country skiing the poles may not be on everybody's bucket list, if it's on yours, you'll need the most reliable footwear.   Temperature rated to -94° F/ -70°C, these boots can withstand the potentially toe-numbing winds and raw cold you'll find at the ends of the earth.  The removable liner can be dried overnight to ensure it's bone dry at the start of the day, an essential element to all-day comfort.

Any expedition into the North or South Poles - or any ruggedly cold trek - requires not just the correct snow boots but a full slate of extreme cold weather clothing, from head to toe.  Baffin's long history of testing their footwear and apparel in the world's coldest regions means you know you'll have your best safeguard against cold and frostbite ruining the adventure of a lifetime!



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Just wanted to let you know that my Baffin Icefield boots performed beautifully in winter storm Juno. My perpetually cold…
-Susanne - Rhode Island

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