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Baffin Women's Snow Boots for Everyday Use - Drift Series

The search for a versatile everyday women's snow boot is a squad goal for many of our favorite customers. They're looking for a solid boot that keeps them warm if they're out shoveling the snow but is lightweight enough walk the dog, snowshoe with the kids, run out to the barn in the dark or make a last minute pizza pickup.   One of our top suggestions for the winter boot that does it all is Baffin's Drift series for women.Baffin Women's Snow Boots


Baffin is more than one of the best snow boot brands in the business.  They're constant innovators who love to test their products in the harshest weather on the planet and then transfer that research into the winter boots you'll want to wear every day.  Technology that keeps you warm at the North Pole will also keep you warm in Michigan - just on a smaller scale!

The Baffin Drift series for women features  -40°F/-40°C temperature rating.  This sounds like a temperature rating meant for the farthest reaches of the Tundra, but once you learn a bit more about temperature ratings, you'll know that a -40° rating is the perfect snow boot for a northern winter.   We have customers from Canada to Maryland who find they're the right match for their cold weather needs.  

A quick primer on temp ratings.  Use them as a guide to compare boots to each other, but know that they are far overstated.  If you are going to be in true -40°F temperatures, choose the warmest boot you can find, a -148°F is a smarter choice. The good news on manufacturer temperature ratings is that they are pretty consistent from one brand to another. A -40°F boot from Baffin is going to have a warmth level similar to a -40°F boot from Sorel.

The key to the multi-use snow boot starts with a high performing waterproof rubber base to protect you from the cold that sets in underfoot. The next pivotal feature is Baffin's multi-layer inner boot liner. The science behind the liner utilizes multiple layers to perform two critical functions: wicking moisture away from your foot and using a vaporized aluminum membrane to return energy and warmth.  This moisture management system works for women because you just never know how active your day might be.  When you work up a sweat taking runs up and down the sledding hill, Baffin's liners keep that moisture at bay so once you settle down by the outdoor fire pit, your boots still feel fresh.   

My Baffin Snogoose boots, the classic Drift series icon, keep me as warm as I ever need to be walking my dog in a Vermont winter.  I use them at -20°F and I use them at 30°F, perfectly happy at both temperatures.  As long as you're not standing still, you will seldom find you need a winter boot that is warmer than a Baffin -40°F model.

Part of this is because of Baffin's breathable uppers.   Unlike many snow boot manufacturers, Baffin does not use a waterproof membrane. As much as we love the 100% waterproof assurance that comes with a membrane, they just don't breathe.   Any moisture that comes off of your foot cannot completely escape the boot.  If you're on the go, working up some energy, your foot naturally sweats.  When I'm wearing a boot that has the membrane, things can get soggy.  While there is a tradeoff because the Baffin upper is not absolutely impermeable to standing water or heavy slush, I prefer the breathable boot and take good care when I'm crossing a puddle!

The Snogoose is Baffin's longest running -40° F women's snow boot. Its simple slip-on design allows you to set it and forget it.  Pull them on and pull them off when you're home.  The locking snow collar is a bonus if you have toddlers who tend to generously share their snow with mom on the playground.

Another long-time favorite winter boot for women is the Baffin Chloe.  It has a little stripe of faux shearling that adds some extra style to its high function mindset.

Finding a tall snow boot that isn't overwhelmingly large on your leg can be difficult.  The Baffin Judy Snow Boots are 15 inches high without the bulkiness of a snowmobile specific boot though it, like all of Baffin's -40° F boots in the Drift series, works well on the snowmobile trail.  If you're going to be outside for a full day when the temperatures are 20F or below, you might need the added protection.  On a moderate sled day, the Drift series will keep your feet happy!

Baffin Judy Boots

Playground, apres ski, around town...the Baffin Drift series has a style that will keep you active and happy in the winter.  If it's cold where you live, you've go to take advantage of the fun snow filled fun.  Start with a great pair of women's winter boots!


We take pride in providing you the best online winter boots shopping experience. If you have any questions or comments please dont hesitate to contact us.


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