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Brand Spotlight: Baffin

Did you know that Baffin was the very first brand carried?  We started our website in 2000 because Baffin was becoming increasingly popular in the United States but not many stores were stocking their snow boots.   Today, customers love Baffin because they're technical winter boots at a reasonable price, but it took some time for their reputation to spread.  

Baffin's early following in the United States was based with Midwestern snowmobilers.  Whether it was due to its proximity to Canada or just word of mouth, Baffin had a stronghold in that region but hadn't yet become a nationally known brand.

Demand for Baffin across the US was bolstered when Sorel declared bankruptcy, also in 2000.  Columbia later brought the Sorel brand back to the market but for a time, the US snow boot industry had a void that Sorel had filled with functional, dependable cold weather footwear.  Both Baffin and Sorel are known for being the gold standard in performance snow boots.  When there were no Sorel boots to be found, Baffin was ready to make its mark in the US.   

For those in the know, Baffin is synonymous with the warmest winter boots.   Paul Hubner, Baffin's founder, is a relentless outdoor adventurer who tests his boots in the harshest weather he can find from one pole to another!  Indeed the heart and soul of their line is the Polar series with a whopping -148° F/-100°C temperature rating, but Baffin makes boots for every level of snow activity.   Every development Baffin discovers for extreme cold use is then pared down to match more moderate temperatures.   Whether it's their removable liners or proprietary cold weather rubber compounds, Baffin is committed to delivering the highest quality winter boots across the board.

One of Baffin's signature features is its multi-layer inner boot design. Paul Hubner's father worked with the Inuit sourcing seal skin boots.  The Inuit had developed a layering system in their boots that created pockets of warmth without bulk and it is this technology that is at the core of Baffin's production.  Most snow boots have either a fixed liner or a felt liner.  Baffin strongly believes the removable liner is both warmer and dryer than any other design.

Baffin's second hallmark is their innovative cold weather rubber that matches the compound to a particular temperature range and activity. Boots that will be worn in the dry, bone chilling Arctic air need a different makeup than boots that will be worn in typical snowy, slushy New England weather.  Baffin believes your snow boots have to dependable and durable.  They put the boots to the test so that can be assured their boots will perform to your utmost specification.

Baffin is also serious about its responsibility to build a better planet. Whether it's creating fair labor practices and striving to build as much product as they can within Canada or partnering with the Sir Edmund Hillary Foundation to support health care and education for the sherpas of Nepal, Baffin takes their global mission to heart.

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Thanks for your great service! I got these boots that one of your reps recommended and they are perfect!
-Tom - Illinois

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