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Baffin Work and Safety Boots

Working in the cold has the same requirements as playing in the cold: a high traction safety boot that keeps the warmth in and the moisture away.  Unlike a day in the mountains however, when you're on the job, you don't have the option to call it a day. And you need technology that keeps you protected in potentially dangerous workplaces.   Cold toes, sweaty feet, slippery soles, none of that will do on the clock. If you're wearing cold weather work boots on the job, you are putting yourself to the test every single day. There is no slacking when you're operating a forklift or working an oil rig.  Chances are it's a long, cold, grueling routine that pushes you to the limit.

Baffin aims to take the worry about cold and safety off your mind, allowing you to focus on the task at hand.   A Canadian winter footwear company established in 1997, Baffin has quickly made its mark in the cold weather work and safety industry. Baffin manufactures non-metallic composite safety toe models as well as traditional steel toe work boots, and has recently added a metatarsal guard work boot.  Safety options include a safety toe or safety toe and plate combination.  Their boots range from uninsulated to -148°F/-100°C temperature ratings, ready to keep you safe in any temperature.

Baffin work boots meet or exceeds all of the ASTM, CE and CSA certifications.  Their development team rigorously researches cold weather technology to maintain state of the art materials.  

The key to Baffin work and safety technology is its five compounds designed to optimize boot performance in rugged, work settings. Whether you are on assignment in the military or stocking a refrigerated warehouse, you need the optimal materials to stand up to cold and chemical exposure.  

 TR - Traditional Thermoplastic is typically found in Baffin classic rubber models like the tried and true Trapper, a favorite for agricultural workers.

Rubber PVC - Traditional Polychloride Resistant compound

Ultraflex - An oil and acid resistant compund that exhibits high abrasion resistance is utlitzed in the popular Derrick, Granite and Constructor work boots.

Oarprene - An acid and oil resistant rubber that stays flexible at low temperatures is also used in the Driller and Barrow steel toe models.

PU - Polyurethane - An acid, oil and abrasion resistant compound that is specifically engineered for the North American market. The lightweight Baffin Ice Bear is a PU boot that is quickly gaining popularity amongst oil and gas rig workers who are on their feet for 12+ hours a day.

Each model in the Baffin lineup has a unique outsole designed for maximum safety.  A boot intended for use indoors will be ready to stay secure on a slippery floor while boots for outfoor work will have self-cleaning soles with an aggressive tread.

Working in cold conditions is tough on your body.  Baffin adds comfort wherever it can.  Baffin's GelFlex midsole, used in the Polar Safety series, provides that extra layer of cushion to absorb both the cold and the wear and tear your feet take with the daily grind.  The Baffin inner boot system is employed in nearly all of Baffin's insulated models.  It's often been described as walking in a cloud because of its mulitple foam liners with a soft Thermoplush layer next to the foot.

Shop our Baffin Work and Safety Boots if you're looking to purchase a durable work boot that stands up to sub-zero temperatures.  It's a long cold day and you deserve the industry's best!

Remembering that life can't be all work and no play, check out the complete lineup of Baffin Snow Boots ready to keep you warm when you're off the clock! 



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