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Brand Spotlight: Icebug Boots

In 2001, Icebug set out to build the very best traction boots on the market, and to this day, they continue to refine and perfect their brand.  At, we work with lots of snow boot manufacturers so we know a top of the line operation when we see it.  From their customer service to their amazing imagery, Icebug is raising the bar every day.

Traction, in all of its forms, is Icebug's driving force.   Traction on icy paths, traction on snow covered roads, traction on wet rocks; each unique surface is a puzzle Icebug intends to solve by creating boots that prevent falls, reduce injury and increase FUN during the winter!

Icebug's carbide studded boots, aptly named the BUGrip® models, are among the popular winter boots we sell at   Being true Vermonters from the land of ice and ice, we depend on BUGrip® technology for our own dog walking, lake trekking and mountain seeking adventures.  The month of March in our Green Mountain state is simply a slippery slope greeting you each morning.   Knowing we have our BUGrip®s by the door is all we need to endure that last stretch before winter gives in to spring.

Our favorite Icebug styles, the Icebug Woods, the Icebug Pace, the Icebug Ryum 2 and the Icebug Metro all share the same rubber outsole with 16 carbide studded tips.  Icebug BUGrip® models have fixed studs, meaning you will always maximum protection from falling on the ice.  Customers who choose the BUGrip® tend to be dedicated fitness walkers, dog owners, mail carriers or anyone who lives in a cold climate and is recovering from an injury, making fall prevention a top priority. The longer you wear the Icebug studs, the more confident you become in their function.  If your trail walk with the pup takes you downhill, you'll soon realize that there's no need to step lightly.  Icebug provides superior grip on most every icy surface.  While there is nothing that gives you a 100% no fall guarantee, there isn't a high traction winter boot out there that can give you greater confidence.

It is important to take some caution if you wear the Icebug BUGrip® indoors.  We find an occasional trip to the grocery store is manageable, but the carbide studs are best intended for outdoor use and are not recommended for wear on flooring.

Each of our BUGrip models has something extra special to offer.  What do we love most about them?

Icebug Pace2 - The warmest BUGrip of them all!


Icebug Fern - Sleek, Stylish and Safe!

Icebug Ryum 2 - Velcro Strap Traction Technology!

Icebug Metro 2 - Lightweight, Easy-wearing Icebug favorite!


The variety of Icebug's boots means that you can find just the right level of warmth in a style that suits your level of get up and go.  We love Icebug's universal appeal across all ages.  Icebug boots are a perfect gift for your grandparents who need maximum stability or for your spouse who doesn't want to miss a day of training despite the sub-zero temperatures outside.  Icebug boots are a high quality, built to deliver brand.  That's why they're a house favorite!


We take pride in providing you the best online winter boots shopping experience. If you have any questions or comments please dont hesitate to contact us.


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OUR HAPPY CUSTOMERS my boots -they are bloody brilliant!!!!!! Used them twice in the last fortnight fishing for pike, lots of standing…
-Steve - UK

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