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Warmest Boots for Hunting in Cold Weather

Finding the warmest boots for cold weather hunting should be a much easier challenge than tracking that elusive buck.  Just as you wouldn't pick your hunting spot without some research, same goes for finding the best hunting boots to keep you warm.  

Making the best choice starts with pinpointing how active you will be.  If you will be relatively still, sitting in a tree stand for much of the day, buy the warmest hunting boots you can find.

The most popular hunting boot we sell is the Baffin Apex, followed closely by the Irish Setter Elk Tracker 860.  Both are temperature rated to at least -100°F, a temperature you're unlikely to experience, but the rating tells you that this is the warmest boot you can find. 
Temperature ratings should all be taken with a grain of salt, but they are useful in comparing one boot's warmth to another.   Bear in mind that boots that have enough insulation to keep you warm in freezing temperatures will be heavier than a boot that is designed for a day of tracking. An extreme weather boot that can tackle a long day of sub-zero temperatures packs some extra bulk. The heavier insulation and a thicker sole to function as a barrier between your foot and the frozen ground is the tradeoff to keep your feet warm and protected.
Electric socks for hunters are a relatively new product, but Lenz Heated Socks are making a statement with their latest models.  The heated sock technology has evolved quickly over the last five years.  Hunters and skiers alike are touting heated socks for their ability to extend time outdoors and to avoid frostbite on the coldest days.
If your days in the woods are more active, or you're looking for the best hunting boots for fall temperatures, you'll want a hunting boot with 400 to 800 grams on insulation or a temperature rating to -40° F.   This range hits that sweet spot between comfort and mobility.  If you choose a boot that is too warm, they will be heavier and your boots will put a damper on your day.  Two popular hunting boots for moderately cold weather include the Irish Setter Vaprtrek LS 826 and the Baffin Snow Monster.

Like all outdoor activities, hunting requires careful planning.  Do your research, try a few models and your prize will be a pair (or two) of hunting boots to cover every season!


We take pride in providing you the best online winter boots shopping experience. If you have any questions or comments please dont hesitate to contact us.


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