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Where are Baffin Boots Made?

Although Baffin manufactured all of their boots in Canada in the early years of 2000, the difficulty of maintaining a seasonal workforce along with overseas price competition led them to move most of their production overseas.  Baffin actually continued to utilize the Canadian workforce long after many competitors had abandoned their efforts.  It was a difficult decision to lessen in house production because supporting the local economy and local environmental causes are key to Baffin's mission.  Ultimately, Baffin found they could not employ their workers year-round which triggered the move to produce more of their stock in the overseas factories.

baffin boots

To this day, however, a selection of Baffin's work and safety models, are made in Canada.  The made in Canada Baffin styles include:  Driller, Barrow, TitanTrapperHunter and Oilrig styles.  All are steel toe construction.  We applaud Baffin's effort to sustain some level of local production.  Working with as many winter boot manufacturers as we do, we can attest that most companies can't ignore the financial reality that their best pricing will come from made in China factories.  As we can see with the advent of Amazon, our consumer culture places a lot of value on the lowest price.  Customers want to support local production in their hearts, but most lead with their wallet.  Life is expensive.  It's hard to always follow your conscience when shopping.

The good news is that have not seen an increase in warranty requests following the move to Asian factories.  Baffin strives to find reliable partners who produce high-quality and consistent boots.  Buckles are squarely attached.  Seams are sealed.  Rubber is expertly molded.

(The Endurance model pictured above is made in Vietnam to Baffin's high-quality standards.)


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