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Slip Resistant Winter Boots

If you’re looking for slip-resistant boots, there have never been more options!  From snow boots with built in ice grips to removable ice cleats, the choices are plentiful.

Icebug boots are the pinnacle in the traction snow boot market.  While they built their name around winter running shoes, Icebug has expanded their lineup to include a range of non-slip winter footwear.  They have models like the Icebug Pace2 which has built in carbide studs on the outsole of the boots.  BUGrip soles are studded tires for your feet providing the most sure footed traction on icy surfaces.  They are not the best match for outdoor walking when the surfaces are not ice or snow covered, and they are also not recommended for indoor use.  For the avid dog walker or an active senior who needs injury prevention, they are a must.  What boots with built in studs lack in versatility, they make up for in clutch performance when it counts.

 Icebug’s BUGsole has a built-in rubber stud.  Not as piercing on ice as the metal stud, but certainly more indoor and parking lot friendly.  The Icebug Woods is a popular slip-resistant boot for women who live and play in the northern US.

Pajar is best known for its fashionable, warm, fabulous winter boots.  They also have a really awesome line of snow with retractable spikes.  Rather than being a fixed or removable traction device, the Pajar Icegrip models have a spikepanel that can be engaged or laid flat depending on the surfaces you'll encounter. 
 The Pajar boots do come with a small "key" for flipping the traction device, but we found it was easy to do with bare hands, or even your car keys. We like the idea of being able to adjust your traction device so easily on the go - if you get somewhere icy, like a parking lot, you can just flip the sole to the studded side and be on your way. Once you get to the store or wherever you're going, take a second, reach down, and flip them back over. Plus, the Pajar Riga 2 and Pajar Marcie are fashionable, waterproof winter boots even without the traction devices, so you can really get a lot of use out of them, no matter the weather.

How it works:
Simply flip the blue plastic piece and you will reveal a studded side that snaps into place quickly and easily.  Going from the regular sole to the studded option is as simple as that. No extra pieces, just flip it and go.  
Korkers has an incredibly loyal, die-hard fan base because of their high-quality boots that feature interchangeable outsoles for three different levels of traction. They have been extremely successful in the outdoor sporting world, especially among fishermen, so it is no wonder that they are branching out into the world of winter footwear.
The Polar Vortex 1200 has a great outsole to begin with, and it comes with two different outsoles - one with rubber studs, and one with carbide studs, so you can really customize your traction needs, and optimize your boot.  Without the extra outsoles, you have a warm, waterproof winter boot that can be improved with the quick and easy addition of an outsole. With Korkers, you get a lot of bang - and traction options - for your buck. 

How it works:
The soles just simply slip on to the bottom of the boot.  Chose to wear the boot without a high traction sole or with one of the two options for optimal winter traction!

 High-traction devices like KAKO Ice-Trekkers are reliable, effective, and generally well-liked options for adding extra traction to your winter footwear.  The key word there would be "adding:" customers may also find these devices cumbersome or inconvenient because they are wholly separate entities from your boots.  You know those days you leave your umbrella in your car and then have to suffer a long, soggy walk across the parking lot to your car?  Wouldn't a waterproof hood on your jacket be much more effective than something you could forget? Of course!

The same goes for ice cleats.  They are only effective if they are with you and on your feet.    Expanding on the metaphor, sometimes walking around a store with a big, dripping wet umbrella is an aggravating experience.  Same goes for your overshoes or studded tractions devices, which are often slippery on tile or linoleum and can even damage floors.  

So if it's icy and you're going grocery shopping, in theory, you would have to stop and take the devices off before entering the store (and then stop on your way out to put them back on).  Do you really want to walk around carrying them? Or put them in your bag and end up with a bag full of melted snow? There is a reason that ice cleats have been popular for years and continued to be successful in the high-traction market. Recently though, manufacturer's have taken high-traction footwear to a whole new level by integrating high-traction devices with the footwear itself.  There are so many ways to stay safe when you're outside in winter weather.  Check out all of your slip-resistant snow boots options and get yourself geared up for the season!



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