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A Guide to Selecting Your Winter Boots

Our quintessential guide to everything you need to know before you buy a new pair of cold weather boots. Tips for making sure that the boots you buy are the boots you need!

Women's Winter Boot Trends

From buckles to laces to chunky heels, the most popular winter boot trends for Fall/Winter are all about the details, with a bountiful selection of cold weather boots ready to make you stand out in the crowd!

How Many Pairs of Winter Boots Do You Really Need?

Can one pair of snow boots really make you happy? Or does true winter bliss only come with a little diversity? Learn how many boots you'll need in your cold weather quiver.

Blundstone Boots: Not Just For Work Anymore!

Blundstone makes high quality, comfortable footwear that can be worn all day long. In recent years, Blundstone boots have gone from being considered strictly workwear to cool, fashionable, mainstream footwear.

Best Winter Boots for Truck Drivers

Finding winter work boots to wear while driving is a common concern for those of us in the North Country. Machine operators, delivery drivers and plow drivers need snow boots that keep their feet warm, but aren't too big for driving a vehicle. How do you know which boots to choose?

Warm Boots for Cold Weather Vacations

Those of us who live where winter seemingly lasts forever generally spend our vacations in warm, sunny climates! Nonetheless, we still hear from plenty of people who need recommendations for the best warm boots for cold weather vacations.

The best winter boots for wildlife photographers

Finding the warmest boots for wildlife photographers and cameramen can be a challenge. We receive calls every week from customers traveling to Northern Canada to capture caribou or wolves on film, a task that can mean standing outside from sunup well into the cold dark night.

Who Needs a -148° F Snow Boot?

The question always arises…”why would I need a –148°F degree boot when the temperature is only 10°F outside”? Well, the answer is simple…if you’re not extremely active while outside for whatever you’re doing, you will want the lightest, warmest boot that you can possibly find, and that is either the Baffin -148° F/-100 C boots: Impact, Apex, Endurance, Shackleton or Eiger.

Baffin's Ultralite Snow Boot Series

Baffin’s new Ultralite boot series is exactly that…Ultra Lightweight! Wow, for a boot with a –58°F/- 50°C comfort rating nothing on this planet compares! At approximately 2 pounds per pair, it is one of the lightest snow boots in the winter boot category.

Are there two versions of the Baffin Apex?

There is one, and only one, version of the Baffin Apex, which also happens to be our best selling model. We receive inquiries all the time to clarify if there may be an updated style. Why all of the speculation?

Snow Boots for the Polar Vortex - Preparing for Winter Storms in Southern States

A snowstorm wasn't exactly a Halloween treat for our friends in North Carolina. Looks like the Polar Vortex is back for another season! Be prepared. Check out our favorite snow boots under $100.


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