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A Guide to Selecting Your Winter Boots

Our quintessential guide to everything you need to know before you buy a new pair of cold weather boots. Tips for making sure that the boots you buy are the boots you need!

How to Store Your Winter Boots

The snow is melting and the spring has sprung. Find out our secrets for storing your boots until the crisp October wind makes you long for them again.

Composite Toe Boots vs Steel Toe Boots

We love our industrial customers. Not only are they not afraid to brave the coldest temperatures the north has to offer, they put our work and safety boots to the test. If they have happy feet, we know we've got some amazing boots. Learn more about the difference between composite toe and classic steel toe work boots.

What Makes Snow Boots Waterproof?

Waterproof boots are always a confusing issue for customers. Read up on various technologies for manufacturing waterproof and water resistant boots, then understand which boots are best for your winter outings.

Types of Insulation for Winter Boots

There are many different options for winter footwear insulation, and sometimes it can get confusing trying to keep them all straight. Learn about the various types of insulation you may find in your winter boots, and how they keep your feet warm!


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I am delighted with my order. My boots were delivered to Ireland in just one week! They are fab boots and not available to…
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